Increasing the value of forest fruits by consolidating their markets, which generates jobs and income for the forest communities and contributes to the conservation of the Amazonian forest for future generations.


A major challenge in the market of natural ingredients derived from extractive industries in the Amazonian forest is maintaining the characteristics of the product. This challenge is due to the difficulties of collecting, pre-processing, storing and transporting seeds in remote areas, and is also due to the organization and commitment of the forest communities.

Amazon Oil has processes and procedures to monitor the raw material from the moment it is collected and pre-processed by the forest communities to when the material is transported and cold extraction occurs, and up to the time the oil is delivered to the customer.

Amazon Oil guarantees their clients the desired characteristics of the oils they purchase, such as color, composition and aroma, which depend largely on the origin of the raw materials. This guarantee is due to the ability of Amazon Oil to trace the collection and distribution chain by identifying the forest communities (oil seed suppliers) found in different locations of the Amazonian rain forest.

Amazon Oil teaches the forest communities about how to properly manage wild and non-domesticated species, by using general techniques, by respecting local knowledge and traditional practices, and by valuing the importance of understanding the ecosystem and regional ecological conditions.














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