NOCAPTONE DMT LP® was developed with cold pressed oils, free from any solvents or oxidative heat.

NOCAPTONE DMT LP® is enriched with several Amazonian fats and oils. Derived from sustainable systems of the Amazonian rainforest and is completely traceable. It is an elaborate composition of ANDIROBA, BACURI, and PRACAXI.


NOCAPTONE DMT LP® is a concentrated active with proven efficacy in the treatment and prevention of cellulitis. 

NOCAPTONE DMT LP® was developed as a potentiating agent in the treatment and prevention of cellulite, thanks to the different actives present in the complexes of fats and oils from the Amazonian rainforest. It stimulates the circulation of liquids to the localized cells. For this, light, circular and ascending movements have to be made, mainly in the legs from the ankle to the hip, in the arms, going up to the shoulder. This process intends to mobilize the accumulated liquids.


NOCAPTONE DMT LP® is indicated to eliminate or attenuate the inflammatory processes of cutaneous adipose tissue.

Massage creams – Dosage 5-20%

Crioterapic gels – Dosage 3-15%


Helping Communities

The valorization and sustainable management of the Amazonian rainforest by our community partners strengthens the local economy and contributes decisively to the preservation of the standing forest.