Luiz Morais was raised in the suburbs of Belém, graduated in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Pará, where he also specialized in the Chemistry of Oils and Fats. Influenced by the traditional knowledge of his grandmother and his mother he began to idealize a project for the use of Amazonian oilseeds and other non-timber products. His first company BRAZMAZON surged in the state of Amapá, giving credibility to his project and to start the field survey of specimens with extractive potential and interesting bio-actives. BRAZMAZON offered to the market products of forest origin with quality, quantity, and continuity, never seen before for cosmetic and pharmaceutical market. After two years he moved to Ananindeua, the estate of Pará.


The company thrives and moves to Ananindeua (PA) and in 2002 it is negotiated with a São Paulo business group called BERACA. Luiz Morais then works as a consultant for the new owners and in 2003 founds another company called Amazon Velas


In 2009 surges a new company named AmazonOil with a new partner, Dr. Ekkehard Gutjahr, a German-Brazilian fellow, who worked in the Amazonian rainforest for the German Development Service and as a consultant in agroforestry projects for more than 15 years. Since then AmazonOil gained international prominence and focused on special Amazonian oil and fine chemicals, attending the requests of the international market.

Helping Communities

The valorization and sustainable management of the Amazonian rainforest by our community partners strengthens the local economy and contributes decisively to the preservation of the standing forest.