Amazon Rain Forest Products

Andiroba – Carapa oleic acid; anti-inflammatory; pain-relieving; excellent massage oil, extremely effective against dandruff
Buriti Highest beta carotene; fantastic emollient; skin elasticity after sun burn; controls frizz of dry hair
Passionfruit Highest Omega-6; passiflorine and maracugine; soothing effect on the skin; regulates sebum secretion; for oily skin
Bacaba Oleic, linoleic, behenic acid; moisturizer and nourishes the skin; revitalizes the scalp
Açaí Omega 6 and 9; 33 times more anthocyanins than grape seed oil, recommended for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams
Brazil Nut linoleic acid; selenium; excellent moisturizer for dry skin; one of the best natural ingredients for hair conditioners
Pracaxi highest behenic acid; healing of the skin after burns; able to "weld" stretch marks and scars; reduces frizz
Pataua very similiar to olive oil; high content of Omega 9; powerful moisturizing agent; used as tonic and to treat hair loss
Tucumã Rich in Omega 3, 6, 9 and of beta carotene; excellent emollient; high spreadability; antioxidant
Bacuri palmitoleic acid; against rheumatism and arthritis; tripalmitine - high penetration; take off spots, reduce scarring
Cupuaçu Best moisturizer; vegetable lanolin; phytosterols; anti-inflammatory; tensile strength of hair
Murumuru Lauric and miristic acid; antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory; replace mineral silicon; for afro-ethnic hair care
Ucuuba High melting point; miristic acid (trimeristin); anti-inflammatory and antiseptic; depilatory and foot creams
Breu Branco similar to Boswellia species; monoterpenes; aromatic fragrance fixative; anti-septic; exfoliant
Copaiba Sesquiterpenes; diterpenes; caryophyllene against pain relieve, anti-fungal; fragrance fixator; dandruff; oily skin
Jambu Bioactive spilanthol, a fatty acid amide; induces salivation; anesthetizing effect; used as a topical herbal Botox replacement; effective treatment against hair loss

Helping Communities

The valorization and sustainable management of the Amazonian rainforest by our community partners strengthens the local economy and contributes decisively to the preservation of the standing forest.